New to Celtic Sea Salt®...  or have questions about it?

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) has the answers. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Q.  Why is Celtic Sea Salt® considered a nutritious salt?
Q.  Why is it called “Celtic” and what is the right pronunciation?
Q.  Celtic Sea Salt® is a little more expensive than what I’m used to paying, why is that?
Q.  What does "Light Grey" mean & how is it different from the Fine Ground salt?
Q.  Does Celtic Sea Salt® contain Iodine?
Q.  Where can I view a current analysis of your salt & download your most recent brochure?
Q.  Does this salt expire?
Q.  My salt seems wet, is that normal?
Q.  How can I dry out the salt so that it will work in my grinder or shaker?
Q.  Can I use Celtic Sea Salt® in recipes?
Q.  Is this the same company as the Grain and Salt Society® where I used to order my salt from?
Q.  How does your company ensure quality, especially with all the hazards in the environment?
Q.  Some of the minerals and elements on your analysis are unclear to me, can you explain that?