Here are answers to questions we’re frequently asked.

Why is Celtic Sea Salt® considered the ideally nutritious salt? 

A. Celtic Sea Salt® includes, as nature intended, a spectrum of naturally occurring, essential minerals. Nothing is removed from the natural salt and absolutely nothing artificial is added to it.

Celtic Sea Salt® supplies the body with vital trace minerals and elements, along with the proper balance of sodium chloride, which is the scientific name for salt.

The unique combination of natural minerals in Celtic Sea Salt® is made up of natural electrolytes that give your body a “positive electrical charge”.

Human health depends on the abundance of the vital minerals found in Celtic Sea Salt®. Among other functions, the minerals help us assimilate vitamins and nutrients into our cells.

We believe that it is erroneous to consider all salt harmful. Natural sea salt is good for your health. It’s the ingredients that have been eliminated or added to ordinary salt that account for the widely publicized health issues.

In fact, recent scientific evidence indicates that a low salt diet may actually be harmful.

Here is an excerpt from a study by McMaster University, May 21, 2016:

“A large worldwide study has found that, contrary to popular thought, low-salt diets may not be beneficial and may actually increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and death compared to average salt consumption. The study suggests that the only people who need to worry about reducing sodium in their diet are those with hypertension (high blood pressure) and have high salt consumption.” You can read more about the study here:


Why is it called “Celtic” and what is the right pronunciation? 

A. “Celtic” indicates its French origin. We pronounce it “kel-tic.” Celtic Sea Salt® has been our brand name and trademark for over 40 years. We work to make the brand synonymous with quality and trust.

Where is Celtic Sea Salt® sourced from? 

A. Celtic Sea Salt® is a family-owned brand that was started in California by the founder Jacques Delangre in 1976. Jacques began importing high mineral sea salt from the coast of Brittany, France. Over the years, the popularity of Celtic Sea Salt® grew and the supply could not meet the demand. With careful research, which included considerations of sustainability, mineral content, fair trade practices and quality, the sources were expanded. Celtic Sea Salt® is now sourced from several parts of the world, including coastal regions of Europe, Guatemala, and Hawaii. Only after laboratory analysis and inspection of the harvesting site is a new source approved to bear the name Celtic Sea Salt®. Since 1976 Celtic Sea Salt ® has stayed true to its brand promise of quality and authenticity.

Celtic Sea Salt® is a little more expensive than what I’m used to paying?

A. While other salt companies may sell their salts for less, Selina Naturally® guarantees that our salts are wholesome, unrefined, quality-certified and Kosher. The natural harvesting and meticulous handling required to bring you our unique high-quality salts entail expenses that add to the cost.

What does "Light Grey" mean & how is it different from other Fine Ground salt?

A. Light Grey Celtic® is our trademark for our coarse, moist salt, which gets its light grey hue from the mineral rich, pure clay lining of the salt beds from which it is harvested. This color is the result of the way the salt crystals look when they are first harvested. Allowing our Light Grey Celtic® to remain in its brine-rich state accounts for its unique and inviting moistness.

Our Light Grey Celtic®, like all Celtic Sea Salt®, is 100% natural. No bleaching, no chemicals and no anti-caking agents. We would never adulterate the natural balance that our salts derive from the ocean!

Salt is not naturally free-flowing and dry, which is a manufactured attribute. At Selina Naturally®, we create our Fine Ground salt by traditional methods, which include drying our salts at a low temperature, instead of overheating it, keeping it raw, and then grinding it finer for convenience. These careful steps result in a salt that is more nutritious than table salt, yet similar in appearance, but without any additives!

As a result, our Fine Ground salt is a great all-purpose shaker salt, perfect for table use and in recipes.

Does Celtic Sea Salt® contain Iodine? 

A. Celtic Sea Salt® has a naturally occurring, trace amount of iodine. It’s approximately 0.68 parts per million. Though iodine an important mineral component, sea salt is not considered a significant source of it. Yet sea salt is an all-natural, pure source of iodine that is quickly absorbed and stored by your body!

A salt labeled as “iodized” typically means that iodine was chemically added to the salt, possibly using an artificial additive to bind the iodine to the salt. We do offer a natural answer. Our Celtic Sea Salt® Gourmet Seaweed Seasoning contains 350 mcg of iodine per ¼ tsp. It’s a truly natural, iodine-rich sea salt.

Where can I view a current analysis of your salt and download your most recent brochure?

A. You can view a current analysis of our salt products by clicking here: Celtic Sea Salt® Analysis. Click to view our newly updated Celtic Sea Salt® brochure.

Does your salt expire? 

A. Celtic Sea Salt® will last for an indefinite amount of time, because salt is a mineral, not an organic substance. So it doesn’t spoil. On the contrary, salt is a natural preservative. For example, it’s one of the ingredients used to preserve ham.

My Celtic Sea Salt® seems wet. Is that normal?

A. Yes, as we say in our motto, “The Secret is in the brine.” The moisture in Celtic Sea Salt® is not just water, but a mineral-rich brine, which is lower in sodium chloride and higher in beneficial minerals and elements. The brine inclusions are within the natural Celtic Sea Salt® whole crystal, which is the reason Celtic Sea Salt® is alkaline when dissolved in water.

Our Light Grey Celtic® is a coarse sea salt with more moisture.

If you’re looking for an all-purpose shaker salt, we recommend our Celtic Sea Salt® Fine Ground, which is derived from Light Grey Celtic®.

How can I dry out the salt so that it will work in my grinder or shaker? 

A. Depending on the climate, you may find that your Celtic Sea Salt® can retain some moisture. The salt is so raw and natural that it takes in moisture but also releases it. So be sure to store your salt in a breathable container, preferably one of the salt containers sold at Selina Naturally®.

The simple, natural way of drying out your salt is to spread it out on a dish and place it by a sunny window. You may also store your Celtic Sea Salt® in its original bag, loosely sealed. You can also place your bagged Celtic Sea Salt® in the freezer for 12 hours, which will freeze-dry the outer edges of the crystals. You can even put your grinder in the freezer with the salt inside, but please remember to remove the grinder top from the glass bottom before doing so.

You may also spread the salt on a ceramic dish and place it in a warm oven after you turn it off. Let the dish sit there until you’re satisfied with the dryness. A low temperature will not alter the mineral balance of the salt. It should be under 250° F.

Can I use Celtic Sea Salt® in recipes?

A. Yes, of course! Celtic Sea Salt® can be your all-purpose salt. Each of our variations has its own special place in your kitchen. Our Fine Ground version may be your favorite choice for baking. It’s easier to measure and dissolves faster. The Light Grey Celtic® coarse salt is wonderful to have on hand to pinch into your dishes while you cook! This whole crystal salt is pleasantly crunchy, provides a lively flavor and will dissolve into smaller crystals in just minutes. Our Flower of the Ocean® salt is considered a gourmet finishing salt, used by culinary chefs to garnish desserts and fancy foods. Please browse our Recipe Category for inspirational dishes that use our salt and other quality ingredients found at Selina Naturally®!

Is this the same company as the Grain and Salt Society® I used to order my salt from? 

A. Yes, we changed our name several years ago from The Grain and Salt Society® to Selina Naturally®. But the company has remained within the same family since its founding in 1976.

We do not retail as many grains anymore. Instead, Selina Naturally® is focused on being the trusted source for our Celtic Sea Salts® and our organic, gluten-free, raw and vegan foods.

We sell natural and gourmet products, vitamins and herbs, earth-friendly bath and beauty products, recipes, books and media.

Yet we are, most of all, the Celtic Sea Salt® company. It’s the line of salts that is central to the wellbeing of most of our customers, and we refer to it as our pride and joy.

How does your company ensure quality, especially with all the hazards in the environment?

A. At Selina Naturally®, we intensely analyze our salt every year and, even though it is not required by the FDA or USDA, we provide the results to the public. Since we stand behind the health benefits of our salt, we take careful steps to ensure its purity, as well as to maintain transparency as a company.

Some of the minerals and elements in your analysis are unclear to me. Please explain.

A. We’re always able and willing to provide an analysis of our salt. It contains naturally occurring trace minerals and elements that are essential to the human body. Some of the elements are in such low amounts that they’re barely detectable. These natural elements are from the earth and are unavoidable, because they occur everywhere – in the air we breathe, water we drink, and even in the fruits and vegetable we eat.

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