Is Celtic Sea Salt® Organic?

In the United States, there is no organic certification for salt…yet. Currently, the USDA classifies salt as only a
mineral. However, other countries have certifications for organic sea salts, such as Nature et Progrés in

Nature et Progrés Certification – Europe
Europe’s certification is awarded to harvested and processed salt according to organic methods and standards. Nature et Progrés is the highest and most stringent level of certification allowed. The quality chart guarantees full traceability, including the origin. The producer is identified and regularly controlled by the independent certifying body. The salt is unrefined and all natural, and is harvested in a protected, non-polluted environment. The salt beds are located a minimum of 500m away from main roads and are free from pesticides, chemical residue, industrial fumes or air pollution. Respect of product quality from harvest to final packaging is of utmost importance. The salt harvesters use only untreated wooden or polyethylene tools. It is mandatory that there is protection between the ground and the salt, and the salt must be harvested with non-polluting equipment. To read more, visit Nature et Progrés Certification – Europe.