Aquon® Matrix Hyper and ISO are the first hexagonally structured seawater and micro-filtered in cool temperatures

Water is collected in very specific phytoplankton, rich areas of the ocean. The choice of these areas ensures a constant organic and mineral composition, and the purity of its waters ensure the bioavailability of all mineral elements in the seawater. Water is collected at 98 ft (30-meter) depth, which is known as solar penetration area, to ensure the best quality of seawater.

Mineral Supplement in Drinkable Sticks

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Seawater is filtered at 0.22 μ and transported by special containers to the laboratory and there they are filtered again by 0.22 μ filters. Prior to filling the sticks, seawater is passed through a system with which the hexagonal structuring of water is achieved. Aquon Laboratories uses this technique in the manufacture of food supplements based on seawater.

Because of its formula, Aquon® Matrix Hyper, brings to our body all ions which are necessary for a proper nutrition and cellular communication.

Aquon Matrix first hexagonally structured seawater and micro-filtered in cool temperatures:
Structured Seawater Mineral Supplement Drink
• For total mineralization
• A full balance of marine electrolytes
• High in naturally occurring Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium
• Same mineral composition of our bodies for ultimate replenishment
• Balance equilibrium
• Now in an easy to use application

Among other minerals, Aquon® Matrix Hyper stick 0.33 fl oz /10 ml contains:
Calcium -4.10 mg DV
Magnesium - 12.64 mg DV
Potassium - 3.93 mg DV
Sodium - 108.73 mg DV
Bicarbonates - 1.31 mg DV
Chloride - 183.70 mg DV
Sulfates - 25.17 mg DV

Useful for all mineral deficiencies, since all those components appear in similar proportions to our blood plasma. Its function is to mineralize. Using Aquon® Matrix Hyper is appropriate in all the states when experiencing tiredness, fatigue, hypotension, chronic fatigue, weakness, stress, depression, physical and mental maintenance, for athletes: In every sport there is a very significant loss of electrolytes and it must be replenished to prevent cramps, muscle aches and dehydration. Aquon® Matrix Hyper contains all bioavailable minerals.

Besides water, the hexagonal structure allows better cellular uptake and greater removal toxins. It is advisable to take 1 stick Aquon® Matrix Iso, every day, and for athletes, take 2 sticks Aquon® Matrix Hyper half an hour before workout and 2 sticks upon completion. Recovery periods are shortened and sweat smells less and for anyone performing work where important minerals losses occur through sweating, as recovery of electrolytes is immediate.

For times of maximum intellectual effort, exam periods, nervousness, Aquon® Matrix Hyper helps improve attention span and performance.

Due to the presence of Na+, medical monitoring is advisable for long-term treatments in people with hypertension or renal failure, although adverse reactions have never been described.