Celtic Sea Salt® Extra Fine Ground

Celtic Sea Salt® Extra Fine Ground is distinctive in that it is specifically designed to be easy-to-use ingredient salt for innovative recipes and gourmet food. It also carries the quality, nutrition, and “no additive” values that will always bear the name Celtic Sea Salt®. We selected this salt to better serve our gourmet centered chef and food producers customers.

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Selina Naturally® is Home of the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand.

• Sustainably Harvested • More Nutritious than Table Salt • Lower in Sodium • Additive Free • Exquisite Taste • Certified Kosher

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Extra Fine – more subtle flavor than that of the coarser variety, it is an all-purpose ingredient salt extremely convenient for baking and creative recipe conceptions. It is completely unrefined and kosher. The gourmet flavor of Celtic Sea Salt® Extra Fine Ground will bring out a recipe’s full potential. (granular size- 350 microns)
Celtic Sea Salt® Extra Fine Ground is certified Kosher and approved for 100% certified organic processing. Learn more about our organic certification.

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