Gourmet Kosher™

Gourmet Kosher™ is distinctive in that it is specifically designed to be easy-to-use ingredient salt for innovative recipes and gourmet food. It also carries the quality, nutrition, and “no additive” values that will always bear the name Celtic Sea Salt®. We selected this salt to better serve our gourmet centered chef and food producers customers.

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Selina Naturally® is Home of the Celtic Sea Salt® Brand.

• Sustainably Harvested • More Nutritious than Table Salt • Lower in Sodium • Additive Free • Exquisite Taste • Certified Kosher

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Gourmet Kosher™ – based on the delicate flavor and usability of the crystals, this salt is easy to use in almost any application.  The natural moisture and minerals bring all of your culinary creations to life. It crushes easily between your fingers and dissolves in low to high temperatures.
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