Try our tested and approved salt "gadgets" to enjoy Celtic Sea Salt®, conveniently and functionally.

Our ceramic grinders and the pocket twist top salt box all bear the Celtic Sea Salt® on them as a significant guarantee of quality!
Our educational retail materials will help educate you and others on the astounding health benefits (as opposed to conventional table salt) of unrefined, high mineral, hand harvested Celtic Sea Salt®.

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Kyocera® Glass/Ceramic Grinders (Black and White)
– Grinder comes empty.
– Holds 1/4 cup of course salt or peppercorns
– 5 year warranty on grinding mechanism available from Kyocera!
– This mill produces a fine grind
We have scoured the globe to find ceramic salt mills that will grind our moist Celtic Sea Salt® brand Salts. Finally, we have a new favorite to share with you! From Kyocera™ comes this amazing “little grinder that can.” With a hardness rating close to that of diamond, the ceramic grinding mechanisms make short work of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand, peppercorns, herb blends, and even some seeds! The unique, sturdy, and upright glass jar design prevents spilling on countertops and makes refilling a snap. This mill makes it easy to judge how much salt to grind over food or for recipes. Attractive royal blue embossed Celtic Sea Salt® name down the side of the jar.

Twist Top Salt Box:
– Holds 1 tbsp. of salt
– Handcrafted teak wood; dried, cured and inside a sealed retail bag.
Once you begin using Celtic Sea Salt®, you’ll never want to use processed table salt again. That’s why the twist top pocket salt box is so convenient—whether you’re dining at a friend’s house, eating out at a restaurant, or traveling, you’ll never have to be without nutritious and delicious Celtic Sea Salt®, when on the go. This little refillable box fits nicely in a purse or pocket. Also makes a great conversation piece with its ornately branded Celtic Sea Salt® design!

“Salt Your Way To Health” book, by Dr. David Brownstein
– Best Seller!
– Paperback – 148 pages
In this groundbreaking new book, Dr. David Brownstein reveals why salt is the most misunderstood nutrient and explores the remarkable healing ability of unrefined salt. Brownstein also explains how adding the right kind of salt to your diet can help a variety of conditions, including fatigue, adrenal disorders, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. “SALT Your Way To Health” challenges the conventional wisdom regarding salt and also suggests healthier alternatives to regular table salt.

Perfect Pickler® Vegetable Fermenting Kit
Makes the transformation of vegetables into pickles easy and fun!
Pickled vegetables, also known as live-cultured foods, are alive with probiotic bacteria that offer a wide array of health benefits, including improved digestion, enhanced immunity, and improved intestinal health!

Live-cultured vegetables are a part of the diets of many of the world’s most long-lived people. Adding cultured vegetables to your diet is easy and inexpensive with the Perfect Pickler. The Perfect Pickler works through a low-salt fermentation method that uses just a bit of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand salt, spring water, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Unlike most store-bought pickles that are fermented with vinegar and contain refined sugars, homemade pickles made in the Perfect Pickler are alive with friendly microflora, great for the digestive system, and bursting with vitamins, minerals, and life-giving enzymes. You can make old-world style pickles right on your kitchen countertop in only four days!!

(1) Plastic wide-mouth lid with gasket hole (with black lid-hole plug)
(1) White rubber gasket ring (seals the inside of lid to the jar)
(1) Fermentation Air-Lock apparatus (seals out air and odor)
(1) Stainless Steel Spacer cup (looks like a dipping cup)
(1) 1/4 lb. bag of Light Grey® Celtic Sea Salt®
(1) Instruction/Recipe booklet
(1) New Instructional DVD! (with recipes)
~The Perfect Pickler® Fermenting Kit does not include the glass mason jar ~

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