Swish de Coco™ is a wonderful addition to any oral hygiene regime. First recommended by Dr. Bruce Fife author of The Coconut Oil Miracle, the oil pulling trend has become a popular topic. This ancient Ayurvedic ritual dates back 3,000 years which involves using a tablespoon of oil to swish in your mouth and between your teeth for at least 5 minutes but ideally for 15-20 minutes. Coconut oil is a wonderful oil to use in this process due to it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities.  Some of the most common benefits of oil pulling include naturally whitening teeth without increasing tooth sensitivity, can boost your immune system and provide increased energy, detoxes the body which can help reduce toxin-caused headaches, can aid in hormone balancing, and removes Streptococcus mutant bacteria which is known to cause cavities and gum disease. Add this treatment to your daily hygiene routine and see the amazing benefits for yourself. Rare Body™ adds refreshing peppermint essential oils to offer a burst of freshness!

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