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A Foundation of Integrity: Over Forty Years of Exceptional Sea Salt

Since our founding in 1976, Celtic Sea Salt has grown into a worldwide brand, recommended for both unique taste and unique health benefits. Our roots remain at the center of our growth. While many claim to be the original, we have had over forty years to perfect our craft, and the resulting products embody our dedication. More Information...



1. Where does Celtic Sea Salt® come from?

Each of our salts comes from a unique place!  Here is a list of our Celtic Sea Salt® salts and their source.

Light Grey Celtic, Fine Ground Celtic, Flower of the Ocean:   FRANCE

Celtic Pink Sea Salt, Fossil River:  SPAIN

Gourmet Kosher: GUATEMALA

Celtic Kosher Coarse and Fine:  COLIMA MEXICO

Makai Pure:  HAWAII USA

Rare Body Bath Coarse and Fine:  VARIOUS

2. How is it harvested?

Here is a list of our salts and their respective harvesting methods:

Light Grey Celtic-  Hand harvested using method invented by the Celts who settled this region of France.  Seawater at high tide is trapped in estuaries until it evaporates to a brine, in which it is guided by the salt farmer through a series of clay-lined beds until by the end it is crystallizing.  The farmer uses wooden rakes to pull the sunken crystals imparted with the grey color from the bed of the harvesting ponds.  With little more done than natural draining, the yield is a moist, natural crystal salt with the brine, or “bitterns” still intact.

Fine Ground Celtic-  This salt comes from the Light Grey Celtic, just low-temperature dried and crushed for convenience. Great for baking and as a transition salt (looks the closest to regular salt)

Gourmet Kosher-  Hand harvested by salt farmers from lined beds where seawater is piped in and allowed to evaporate. As the crystals form they are kept in motion, yielding a beautiful, tiny, delicate crystal.
Makai Pure- Greenhouse harvested salt.  The seawater is taken from deep ocean currents where there is higher salinity, which yields a high-mineral salt with beautiful natural chunks and flakes.

Kosher Celtic-  Naturally harvested from salt ponds where the seawater is naturally filtered up through the ground.  This is the most moist salt we have.  Also for its price the highest minerals.  Even the fine ground variety is very moist, full of the mineral-rich brine.

Flower of the Ocean-  This is the “cream of the crop” of salts.  By skimming the crystals off of the surface of the brine, only the most delicate crystals are caught before they sink to become the Light Grey Celtic salt.  Flower of the Ocean is a culinary treasure, known as a “finishing salt” or an “expediting salt” to be pinched on food right before serving.  No need for a grinder with this salt, as the crystals are easily crushed between the fingers.

3. Is there Iodine?
4. What is your best salt?
5. How do you ensure it is just salt?

We strive to ensure that the salt you get from us is just salt as Mother Nature intended.  Our producers test at the source and we do annual 3rd party testing.  We test for pollutants like mercury, lead, and aluminum.  We also test for radiation, petroleum, and micro-plastics.

6. Where I can I find your salt?

Our salt can be found at these fine Retailers.

AQUON Matrix® ISO and HYPER Mineral Drink

Around a million years ago, life appeared in the sea. Salt concentration was not the same, which can be found nowadays in the ocean. Salt content was 9gr/l, exactly the same amount as our blood plasma.

Human body is around 70% water and its mineral composition is very similar to seawater.

Our cells are immersed within an internal sea, from which they receive nutrients, minerals and water, all of them vital for physiological constants proper working, that is, for our organism to work properly.

AQUON Matrix® is seawater which has been micro-filtered at 0.22µ without increasing its temperature which provides us with all the mineral your organism needs, apart from being a more energetic and vitalizing water helping us expel toxic waste.

We may think of dirty water in an aquarium. What may happen to fish inside? If we change the water, fish will find everything they need to live in that environment. We are actually like this aquarium where water needs to be changed for our cells to be properly fed, and so that they can perform all their vital functions to be in a balanced position.

Give yourself a boost  


  • 100% mineral-rich seawater micro-filtered in cool temperatures
  • Take during stressful days to help combat the effects of stress and revive the body from fatigue and exhaustion
  • Great for long and active days, sport performance and recovery
  • Promotes hydration, mineralization, and cell revitalization
  • Easy to use. Drink 1-4 sticks daily
  • No Preservatives, Sweeteners, or Sugars
  • pH 7.6

Replenish your minerals


  • Mineral-rich sea water micro-filtered in cool temperatures and spring water
  • Matches the composition of elements within your blood and extracellular fluid
  • Supports your everyday functions and your immune system
  • Proven to give your cells the full spectrum of minerals, trace elements and micronutrients they require in a naturally balanced, bioavailable form – by Biologist René Quinton
  • Easy to use. Drink 1-6 sticks daily
  • No Preservatives, Sweeteners, or Sugars
  • 100% safe and poses no risk for side effects
  • Suitable for everyone of all ages
  • Can be taken alongside medication
  • pH 7.7

AQUON Matrix® Hyper

AQUON Matrix® Hyper is sea water micro-filtered in cool temperatures. Water is collected in very specific phytoplankton rich areas of the ocean. The choice of these areas ensures a constant organic and mineral composition, and the purity of its waters ensure the bioavailability of all mineral elements in the seawater. Water is collected at 98 ft (30-meter) depth, which is known as solar penetration area, to ensure the best quality of seawater.


Seawater is filtered at 0.22 μ and transported by special containers to the laboratory and there they are filtered again by 0.22 μ filters. Aquon Laboratories uses this technique in the manufacture of food supplements based on seawater.


Boxes of 30 drinkable sticks, 0.33 fl oz / 10 ml each, of AQUON Matrix® Hyper.


Because of its formula, AQUON Matrix® Hyper, brings to our body all ions which are necessary for a proper nutrition and cellular communication.


Among other minerals, AQUON Matrix® Hyper stick 0.33 fl oz /10 ml contains:


4.10 mg


12.64 mg


3.93 mg


108.73 mg


1.31 mg


183.70 mg


25.17 mg


All mineral deficiencies, since all those components appear in similar proportions to our blood plasma.

Its function is to mineralize. Using AQUON Matrix® Hyper is appropriate in all the states when experiencing tiredness, fatigue, hypotension, chronic fatigue, weakness, stress, depression, physical and mental maintenance, for athletes: In every sport there is a very significant loss of electrolytes and it must be replenished to prevent cramps, muscle aches and dehydration. AQUON Matrix® Hyper contains all bioavailable minerals. It is advisable to take 1 stick AQUON Matrix® Iso, every day, and for athletes, take 2 sticks AQUON Matrix® Hyper half an hour before workout and 2 sticks upon completion. Recovery periods are shortened and sweat smells less and for anyone performing work where important minerals losses occur through sweating, as recovery of electrolytes is immediate. For times of maximum intellectual effort, exam periods, nervousness, AQUON Matrix® Hyper helps improve attention span and performance.


Due to the presence of Na+, medical monitoring is advisable for long-term treatments in people with hypertension or renal failure, although adverse reactions have NEVER been described.


Take 2 drinkable sticks AQUON Matrix® Hyper in the evening, preferably on an empty stomach. In the presence of infinitesimal elements, for a better absorption, it is advisable to keep the liquid in your mouth for a minute and then swallow.


Take 1 drinkable stick AQUON Matrix® Hyper in the morning and 1 drinkable stick AQUON® Matrix Hyper  in the evening.

AQUON Matrix® Iso

AQUON Matrix® Iso is seawater micro-filtered in cool temperatures and pure spring water. Sea water is collected in specific areas of the ocean, which are rich in phytoplankton and zooplankton ensuring the bioavailability of all marine minerals.


AQUON Matrix® Iso is prepared from AQUON Matrix® Hyper. Seawater is diluted with spring water in the right proportion to reduce it to 9 ‰ salt concentration. Both the spring water and seawater are micro-filtered at a cool temperature in clean rooms to avoid altering the mineral and organic composition of seawater.


Box of 30 drinkable sticks, 0.33  fl oz /10 ml each, of AQUON Matrix® Iso .


AQUON Matrix® Iso is similar to our organic liquids and is the best basis for all our intracellular exchanges.


Among other minerals, AQUON Matrix® Iso stick 0.33 fl oz /10ml contains:


1.17 mg


3,73 mg


1.11 mg


30.81 mg


0.40 mg


54 mg


7.64 mg


AQUON Matrix® Iso is appropriate for hydration as it may help strengthen the inmune system and increase vitality. Cellular water environment improves and boosts metabolic efficiency. It is a good vehicle for homeopathy and Bach flower remedy and a stick of AQUON Matrix® Iso enhances the effect since the extracellular water transmits all the information to our cells.

In vomiting and diarrhea: Take AQUON Matrix® Iso, 1 stick every 5, 10 and 15 minutes and then spread until it stops. It works in both children and adults.

For skin problems, psoriasis type: AQUON Matrix® Iso, 2 sticks in the morning, before breakfast, and 2 sticks AQUON Matrix® Iso in the afternoon for 1 month; then take 1 stick and 1 stick AQUON Matrix® Iso for a couple of months to see the results. (The seawater has a centrifugal effect and may initially worsen the symptoms). Do not stop treatment and continue until you submit the effects. Improvement is noted.


Take 2 sticks AQUON Matrix® Iso in the morning and 2 sticks AQUON Matrix® Iso in the evening for two weeks, preferably on an empty stomach. Due to the presence of infinitesimal elements and for a better absorption, it is advisable to keep the liquid in your mouth for a minute and then swallow.


Take 1 stick AQUON Matrix® Iso in the morning and 1 stick AQUON Matrix® Iso in the evening.

If necessary, the dosage can be increased. It is recommended to carry out this treatment a couple of times a year and every time we want to rehydrate our body.

NO contraindications. NO incompatibilities.

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