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A Foundation of Integrity: Over Forty Years of Exceptional Sea Salt

Since our founding in 1976, Celtic Sea Salt has grown into a worldwide brand, recommended for both unique taste and unique health benefits. Our roots remain at the center of our growth. While many claim to be the original, we have had over forty years to perfect our craft, and the resulting products embody our dedication. More Information...



1. Where does Celtic Sea Salt® come from?

Each of our salts comes from a unique place!  Here is a list of our Celtic Sea Salt® salts and their source.

Light Grey Celtic, Fine Ground Celtic, Flower of the Ocean:   FRANCE

Celtic Pink Sea Salt, Fossil River:  SPAIN

Gourmet Kosher: GUATEMALA

Celtic Kosher Coarse and Fine:  COLIMA MEXICO

Makai Pure:  HAWAII USA

Rare Body Bath Coarse and Fine:  VARIOUS

2. How is it harvested?

Here is a list of our salts and their respective harvesting methods:

Light Grey Celtic-  Hand harvested using method invented by the Celts who settled this region of France.  Seawater at high tide is trapped in estuaries until it evaporates to a brine, in which it is guided by the salt farmer through a series of clay-lined beds until by the end it is crystallizing.  The farmer uses wooden rakes to pull the sunken crystals imparted with the grey color from the bed of the harvesting ponds.  With little more done than natural draining, the yield is a moist, natural crystal salt with the brine, or “bitterns” still intact.

Fine Ground Celtic-  This salt comes from the Light Grey Celtic, just low-temperature dried and crushed for convenience. Great for baking and as a transition salt (looks the closest to regular salt)

Gourmet Kosher-  Hand harvested by salt farmers from lined beds where seawater is piped in and allowed to evaporate. As the crystals form they are kept in motion, yielding a beautiful, tiny, delicate crystal.
Makai Pure- Greenhouse harvested salt.  The seawater is taken from deep ocean currents where there is higher salinity, which yields a high-mineral salt with beautiful natural chunks and flakes.

Kosher Celtic-  Naturally harvested from salt ponds where the seawater is naturally filtered up through the ground.  This is the most moist salt we have.  Also for its price the highest minerals.  Even the fine ground variety is very moist, full of the mineral-rich brine.

Flower of the Ocean-  This is the “cream of the crop” of salts.  By skimming the crystals off of the surface of the brine, only the most delicate crystals are caught before they sink to become the Light Grey Celtic salt.  Flower of the Ocean is a culinary treasure, known as a “finishing salt” or an “expediting salt” to be pinched on food right before serving.  No need for a grinder with this salt, as the crystals are easily crushed between the fingers.

3. Is there Iodine?
4. What is your best salt?
5. How do you ensure it is just salt?

We strive to ensure that the salt you get from us is just salt as Mother Nature intended.  Our producers test at the source and we do annual 3rd party testing.  We test for pollutants like mercury, lead, and aluminum.  We also test for radiation, petroleum, and micro-plastics.

6. Where I can I find your salt?

Our salt can be found at these fine Retailers.

Professional Recommendations for Celtic Sea Salt®

We offered a free case of salt to our health professionals in return for a recommendation.  See what they think of Celtic Sea Salt®!

Joan Hartzell- Healthy Traditions Network: "The health benefits are superior.  We sell these products at our monthly meetings where they are most welcome.  The products are also recommended by the holistic medical practices that support our work."

Frank Maurer- Maurers Wellness Center: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because it has a great taste for the price. It also can make an inexpensive electrolyte replacement drink for workouts.  Started using it to detoxify bromides with Iodine supplementation therapy and people loved it!"

Dr. Tompkins- Tompkins Wellness Center: "First of all it's delicious and it's a totally guilt free product!  We love offering it to patients because it is so loaded with minerals, which is something most everyone is deficient in.  I personally use it for muscle spasms.  If I have severe muscle cramps, I will put a 1/2 - 1 tsp on my tongue and let it dissolve, and chase it down with 8 oz water.  Within 15 minutes my cramps are gone.  I suggest it for everyone who has heart problems to help electrolyte balance.  In my experience it actually lowers blood pressure because it's so loaded with minerals.  Also it's very calming and a great way to get water into the cell rather than leaving it outside the swell leading to edema etc.  (which is traditional table salt does).  I recommend it to everyone!"

Dr. Jamie Arnold- Arnold Chiropractic: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because of the diverse minerals present.  Our patients love the taste and that it helps them avoid night time bathroom trips and have good bowel movements in the morning!  We recommend it as part of a healthy eating regiment."

Dr. Florie Kim ND- "I always thought salt was salt, but after tasting Selina Naturally’s Celtic Sea Salt® (they come in a lot of different kinds), I can definitely say that Selina’s Celtic Sea Salt® is much more flavorful and tasty.  They have undertones of flavor that satiate that salty flavor you are looking for.  Even my kids love it.  It has taken my cooking up a notch.  Can’t go back to the old salt I used to use.  Now I recommend it to everyone for a satisfying salt flavor."

Ann Martin- Orthopedic Care of St Louis: "It is extreme heating...lower sodium with much needed trace elements and potassium...and most importantly, a wonderful enhancer to the flavors of our food."

Pamela Shuler- "I initially began using Celtic Sea Salt® personally over 10 years ago.  I was amazed by its bountiful flavor and almost immediately noticed an improved sense of well-being as the mineral rich crystals dissolved in my mouth.  I quickly began recommending it to my patients, particularly those with Adrenal Fatigue. I am now retired, but continue to tout the wonderful benefits of Celtic Sea Salt® products to family, friends and former patients.  Thank you Selina Naturally for providing such an amazing gift from Nature."

Cristina Coloma- Abby Naturopathic Clinic: "My children love the taste of the fine ground variety as it makes their food much more tasty and without encouragement, they gobble up their veggies and protein like there's no tomorrow!!!"

Lisa Cohn- Park Avenue Nutrition: "Taste is great, no added anything, offers a wide selection with grinders that work well."

Joseph Digirolamo- A Family Chiropractic Office: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® for several reasons! One, because of it’s high mineral count. Our patients that aren’t able to use sodium have used Celtic Sea Salt and have had great success. We enjoy the flavor, and the benefits to overall health. Our whole office loves Celtic Sea Salt®!"

Ellen Kahn- "It is unrefined, full of minerals and tastes amazing.  Hypertension may be a sodium deficiency disease. I recommend that all my patients take salt daily for it is also a great adrenal support."

Dr. Richard Hebert- "It is the sea salt that has the most mineral/electrolyte content.  I first learned of Celtic Sea Salt® in my professional continuing education seminars.  More than one instructor on my path has taught me the value of Celtic Sea Salt® and I have been using it for my patients and my family for years.  Cell hydration is one of the most important cornerstones of our health and Celtic Sea Salt® is a fantastic way to maintain healthy electrolyte balance.  I don’t know of any products in the healthcare marketplace that are priced so fairly!"

Priscilla Horswell- HealthWalkToday Massage and Wellness: "I have used Celtic Sea Salt® for a few years.  I will never use any other brand.  The taste difference is by far the best vs any other brand.  My health is better because of using Celtic Sea Salt® daily.  It makes ALL of my food taste sooooo much better!!!! Thank you for an EXCELLENT PRODUCT!  Priscilla Horswell, ND, ANMCB, MFR, CST-C, LMT"

Dr Marty Freihaut- Fenton Family Chiropractic: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because...I believe there is a difference in sea salt from regular salt and many sea salts. I tell my patients that all vitamins are not created equally and that goes for sea salts. Salt is necessary for life. Celtic Sea Salt® gives us the minerals that we need to live. It is the sea salt that my family and I use. You can taste the difference. It is the healthy salt."

Miranda Barrett- The Food of Life: "I have used this product for many years and highly recommend Celtic Sea Salt® to all my friends, family and clients.  It is often a part of their present!  First there is the pure clean flavor that enhances the foods flavor without over riding the natural taste.  And secondly it is a vital nutritional part of good health and well-being, especially as the sea salt has not  been tampered with and left as nature intended.  How brilliant is it to know that by simply sprinkling a little of this salt, I am receiving over 80 essential minerals!  What more is there to say?  Celtic Sea Salt® is a powerful partnership of great taste and good health!  With gratitude for such a life enhancing product."

Chris Thoma-  THIC Clinic: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because...  
It works for our patients…. Patients that have anxiety or panic attacks find that a small pinch placed on the tongue will quickly bring relief to these symptoms.  We often use it with individuals that have ringing or heartbeat in the ears to reduce or relieve these symptoms.  Our patients that have mineral deficiencies quickly respond to this salt.  I personally only use Celtic Sea Salt® for all of my personal cooking and salt needs.  It is the best tasting salt we have ever tasted. We are constantly ordering and selling Celtic Sea Salt® because  our patients and ourselves love this product."

Mrs. Rachel Loayza Rodgers- Sandy Shores Village: "I'm a license Medical Aesthetician, and I'm also with my first son a mother of a full high functioning autism adult young man, I came to learn of Quality through being a single parent to my son Timothy, when I came across the EXPERIENCE with the bath salt of Celtic Sea Salt® there was healing to this salt that NO commercial or whole foods consumer provided in a consumers hand. My muscles immediately felt the Deep relax relief by the minerals provide in the salt. Not only this but I found when my husband was in a reck that cost his foot to come off, as he was home discharged to heal, we soaked and bathed him in the bath salt- the support in the minerals was to him his testimony, Terry Rodgers; that he Experience the difference in the body receiving each soak. Testimonies after testimonies when I lost a baby last year, my body suffered imbalance-- I immediately contacted my rep here and ordered Salt because I knew this would aid in my body rebalancing its losses to allowing me to recuperate BACK to Mommy for my families needs; That I'm immediately thankful to your salt for! I have come to adore more and more salts in this line to offer now my family almost over two years. That this salt I don't find in its QUALITY in any other brand. Your Family harvest is truly the Phrase 'Your only good as Your Salt's worth'"

Jacqui Powers- WellBeingMD: "As certified Shape ReClaimed practitioners, our practice recognizes the benefits of Celtic Sea Salt® in maintaining vital electrolyte balance as well as promoting proper pH to aid in safe weight loss and detoxification.  During many of our Center for Life cooking demonstrations, we have discussed and demonstrated the benefits of adding small amounts of this natural product to all recipes, in substitution for table salt."

Dr Melissa Moyer- Moyer Chiropractic and Wellness Center: "I recommend Celtic Sea Salt® to my patients instead of the nutritionally bereft standard fare that is simply sodium chloride. Celtic Sea Salt® has all the minerals in it that nature intended and is not stripped bare of valuable trace minerals and elements that many people need in their diets. Just like the reason I advocate whole foods that are in a form that our body is used to seeing, I recommend Celtic Sea Salt® for the same reasons."

Jim M.- Paula Moenning: "We appreciate it being harvested by a natural method. It's good to know we are getting trace minerals that are so essential to good health! The salt is not bleached or over processed. Our family uses it every day for cooking, baking and in shaker form. It's easy to keep it flowing freely by just adding a little rice to the shaker. I feel confident about recommending this high quality product to my friends and family. The Celtic Sea Salt® company generously sends samples with each shipment."

Chris Jenkins- Barbara Womack: "Celtic Sea Salt® is clean and loaded with tons on trace minerals and minerals.   I this day and age when the soil is so depleted and drinking filter water is the option one has to be certain to get enough minerals in their diet otherways.
I like Celtic Sea Salt® as it is an unprocessed way to get minerals that your body can assimilate.   Also I put some in my water to be sure I stay hydrated Summer and Winter…Celtic Sea Salt® in my favorite!"

Vickey Maisano- Barbara Womack: "It is the best salt one can buy and consume.  It has no additives and or fillers and does not cause water retention and other salt side effects.  It has tons of natural minerals and bodies need salt and minerals so it feeds the body and it enhances the flavor of my food to boot.  So I give my body what it gives me the good health I crave.  My holistic doctor recommends it to all his patients as well."

Dr John Groerich- Healthsource of Clayton: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because it provides so much more than traditional table salt or even other types of sea salt. When working with our patients on nutrition, we frequently find that they have issues with dehydration despite consuming large amounts of water. This relates to a mineral deficiency and can easily be remedied by incorporating Celtic Sea Salt® into patient's cooking or to salt food. An excellent product that each of our doctors uses at home as well."

Vaca Valley Chiropractic: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because we know the health benefits of your product.  We are a chiropractic office that recommends your product(s) to our new and existing patients at our Wellness Workshops hosted twice a month.  Thank you!"

Nicole Bastian: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because...I have recommended this product to customers for many years.  This tastes great, customer service is amazing and I trust them and their products.  As a colon hydro therapist, I understand the importance of good, natural and mineral rich salt, and this by far is the BEST!"

Maureen Hays- Head to Toe Wellness Center: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because…  it has an incredible flavor from the salt of the ocean seasoning our food with a compliment of minerals.  I travel with this salt in my purse because no other compares!!"

Charels Ruckel- Ruckel Chiropractic: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because...
It is a whole, food-based salt dried naturally by the sun and the wind in pristine bays in France. Contains the entire mineral structure of sea water and does not have minerals stripped out as does frequently occur with land salt. It is an adrenal tonic and helps hydration to the cell as it promotes healthy osmosis of water across the cell membrane. It enhances digestion through proper promotion of HCl and stimulates healthy salivary response. It is the form of sea salt that my  family utilizes on a regular basis."

Rebecca J. Crainsmith M.D.- Crainsmith Institute: "What other product will give you as much minerals, delightful taste, and very beneficial for your health!  Celtic Sea Salt® is the only salt to use!"

Stephanie Mace NTP- Holistic Nutrition and Wellness, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis: "I have noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels since incorporating Celtic Sea Salt® into my water and sipping it throughout the day.  I also see huge improvements in the health, energy and vitality of my clients after incorporating Celtic Sea Salt®.   I love that Celtic Sea Salt® is full of naturally occurring minerals, including sodium, which supports my adrenal health.  As a whole, our population is dehydrated on a cellular level.  Sodium is paramount in regulating our sodium levels.  I recommend Celtic Sea Salt® to the majority of my clients – the only exception being those who’s Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis results reflect a high tissue sodium."

Dr Connie Chiang: "We have been using Celtic Sea Salt® for over 10 years. We like having the natural trace minerals in the sea salt, love the taste!"

Dan Bradt DC: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because... it's the healthiest and best tasting sea salt on the market. We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® to every person that does our nutritional program at our office so much so that our local grocery store has hard time keeping it in stock."

Megan Minner, DC: "We recommend Celtic Sea Salt® because it provides minerals that many people are so deficient in.  It is great for adrenal fatigue and is safe for patients with high blood pressure.  We recommend it to all ages."

Bridgette Zmorowski RN BSN- Just BEZ Products: "This salt tastes amazing! Each salt that Celtic Sea Salt produces is unique and flavorful experience. This salt is good for you too. Can you imagine your doctor saying "eat more salt"?! Doctors say that with this brand!"

Chef Cat Alaimo- A 2 Z Living Well Solutions Ltd.: "As a professional chef, I would like to consider myself a connoisseur of fine salts. Over the years I have fancied so many different varietals, from applewood smoked salt to black lava salt to, even the most basic of Kosher salts with the varying coarseness and so on, I would even confidently say, I was using Himalayan salt before it became "all the rage" over the last few years. So yes, I love salt and the many uses it holds in a culinary standpoint; from pickling to curing, to seasoning, and even for an ice display for grand buffet lines. It was not until I was recently introduced to Selina Naturally's Celtic Sea Salt® that I fell in love with salt all over again. Through my journey of culinary creations, I have dived much deeper into the nutritional and medicinal power I am capable of sharing with every bite of food I create. And to my knowledge, Celtic Sea Salt® is of the most healing and tasteful results that encompasses this. Appreciating the value of salt for not just seasoning,but instead for vital mineral balance and a crucial element to life, I am a proud supporter and user of Celtic Sea Salt® Brand. SIDE NOTE: .. I must also commend Nanette and Stephanie, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a recent health symposium in St.Louis called SHAPE ReClaimed. I of course jived with them because I was a chef in a room full of doctors and they had a great display and eagerness to share more with me about your great products. I told them it would be a dream to be a culinary ambassador to your product line, and if I can speak with someone further about this I would be honored!"

Dr. David Trybus- Alternative Healthcare Center Inc.: "It helps my family, friends, and patients supply the minerals they need while using a great tasting salt. I also use it with my patients to help neutralize the acids in their system. I like to place a pinch on my tongue between meals as it tastes great and it satisfies any hunger issues. I recommend the Salina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt® brand to everyone."

Robyn Bowerson- Arctic Chiropractic & Physical Therapy-Eagle river: "We love Celtic Sea Salt®, it tastes great AND it is great for you! It is a product that we highly recommend to our patients."

Thank you to all those who support Celtic Sea Salt® as it supports You!  - Ian Hilley, Celtic Sea Salt®

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