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    • 1. Where does Celtic Sea Salt® come from?

      Each of our salts comes from a unique place!  Here is a list of our Celtic Sea Salt® salts and their source.

      Light Grey Celtic, Fine Ground Celtic, Flower of the Ocean:   FRANCE

      Celtic Pink Sea Salt, Fossil River:  SPAIN

      Gourmet Kosher: GUATEMALA

      Celtic Kosher Coarse and Fine:  COLIMA MEXICO

      Makai Pure:  HAWAII USA

      Rare Body Bath Coarse and Fine:  VARIOUS

      2. How is it harvested?

      Here is a list of our salts and their respective harvesting methods:

      Light Grey Celtic-  Hand harvested using method invented by the Celts who settled this region of France.  Seawater at high tide is trapped in estuaries until it evaporates to a brine, in which it is guided by the salt farmer through a series of clay-lined beds until by the end it is crystallizing.  The farmer uses wooden rakes to pull the sunken crystals imparted with the grey color from the bed of the harvesting ponds.  With little more done than natural draining, the yield is a moist, natural crystal salt with the brine, or “bitterns” still intact.

      Fine Ground Celtic-  This salt comes from the Light Grey Celtic, just low-temperature dried and crushed for convenience. Great for baking and as a transition salt (looks the closest to regular salt)

      Gourmet Kosher-  Hand harvested by salt farmers from lined beds where seawater is piped in and allowed to evaporate. As the crystals form they are kept in motion, yielding a beautiful, tiny, delicate crystal.
      Makai Pure- Greenhouse harvested salt.  The seawater is taken from deep ocean currents where there is higher salinity, which yields a high-mineral salt with beautiful natural chunks and flakes.

      Kosher Celtic-  Naturally harvested from salt ponds where the seawater is naturally filtered up through the ground.  This is the most moist salt we have.  Also for its price the highest minerals.  Even the fine ground variety is very moist, full of the mineral-rich brine.

      Flower of the Ocean-  This is the “cream of the crop” of salts.  By skimming the crystals off of the surface of the brine, only the most delicate crystals are caught before they sink to become the Light Grey Celtic salt.  Flower of the Ocean is a culinary treasure, known as a “finishing salt” or an “expediting salt” to be pinched on food right before serving.  No need for a grinder with this salt, as the crystals are easily crushed between the fingers.

      3. Is there Iodine?
      4. What is your best salt?
      5. How do you ensure it is just salt?

      We strive to ensure that the salt you get from us is just salt as Mother Nature intended.  Our producers test at the source and we do annual 3rd party testing.  We test for pollutants like mercury, lead, and aluminum.  We also test for radiation, petroleum, and micro-plastics.

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