Spray, Flake, or Pinch, New Fossil River® Salt from Celtic Sea Salt® Expands the Horizon for the Gourmet Salt Industry

Celtic Sea Salt® Brand announces a unique new line of salt products that deliver flavors and formulations that are a first for the salt industry. For chef or foodie, gourmet Fossil River® Salts products offer differently textured salts for a wide variety of uses.

The new Gourmet Fossil River® Salt line is a pure, sustainable, product of untouched subterranean rivers. Celtic Sea Salt® has joined efforts with a third-generation family-owned business that has perfected the process of water and salt extraction. The water from naturally flowing underground Spanish rivers is withdrawn through an artisanal process and dried by the sun and wind in pristine collection ponds.

The combination of tradition and innovation results in a salt product line like no other. The Fossil River® Salt line offers three distinctly different products, including:

· Fossil River® Salt is available in an industry-first low sodium liquid spray salt. Providing a recipe-complimenting boost of flavor, the new liquid spray salt is formulated in Plain, Cucumber, Truffle, Mediterranean, and Garlic flavors. From underground springs to your salad, low-sodium liquid salts reduce the amount of salt you use.

· For the gourmet expert or home cook who enjoys essential minerals, flavors, and food, Fossil River® Salt is also available as Flaked Flavored River Salt, Salt Flakes®. Dissolving on the tongue, these spice-infused flakes are crunchy and delicate, adding texture and taste to any meal. Flaked Flavored River Salt, Salt Flakes® are available in flavors that include Balsamic Vinegar, Grilled Meat, Aromatic Herbs, and 5 Peppers.

· Taking advantage of rich mineral content and flavor infusion, Flocons De Sel® are Fossil River® Salts harvested from the top layer of salt fields in Villena Alicante, Spain, which enable entirely new combinations of textures and flavors to transport the dining experience. Use Flocons De Sel® flavors like Seaweed, Sesame Wasabi, Nutty Smoked, Szechuan Pepper, and Rose and Wine that is as beautiful as it is delicious.

What Makes Fossil River Salt Unique?

water out of pipe

Villena’s salt underground extraction process

Salt in hand

Villena’s salt extraction south of Spain

Strict standards during the extraction process result in a quality product that ensures satisfaction for our distributors and their customers. This process has produced one of the finest sea salt products anywhere in the world.

Our Villena’s sea salt is unique in the world because it forms from the melting water that comes from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the south of Spain serve as nature's filter. The sea has deposited millions of years of beneficial nutrients into the underground river.

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Villena's mines are respected and admired within the industry for many decades.

Salt mound

Villena’s salt extraction

Salt mine

Villena’s salt extraction mine

Like all Celtic Sea Salt® Brand products, Fossil River® Salts contain natural trace elements and minerals and are never bleached or industrially processed. With a 40-year tradition of providing, pure, premium products, Fossil River® Salts are an innovative addition to the healthy legacy created by Celtic Sea Salt®.


Flocons De Sel® Gourmet Salt Flakes

Fossil River Salt Flakes

Celtic Sea Salt® River Salts

Liquid Low Sodium Spary Salts

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